Power Supply - YX - 1503T ( 3 Amp )

-41 % Power Supply - YX - 1503T ( 3 Amp )

Fast Details for our  3A adjustable dc power supply

1. Our 3A voltage adjustable dc power supply hav the Mobile phone charging usb port

2. With Standby USB port for testing 

3. With 9V charging port for digital multimeter 

4. Short circuit testing function; Support 3A current

5. Adjust current 3A/2A/300mA

6. Adjust 5V/15V/ custom voltage

7. iron structure, real materials.

8. Support mobile phone signal testing

9. Support Continuity test function



Nominal working regulation

1. Power supply voltage: 220V +/- 10% for 50/60Hz

    (According to requirments can also be set at 110V+/- 10% for 50/60Hz)

2. Working conditions temperature:  -10℃ to 40℃

3. Relative humidity: < 80%

Work state

1. Output voltage: 0-15 V (adjustable)

2. Output current: 0-3A

3. Recovery time: 100us or less

4. Ripple noise 1 MVRMS or less (RMS)

5. Protect the start is greater than the maximum 10% of the nominal value


Direction for use: 

1. AC input: ac input is 220V +/-10% for 50Hz (if it is 110V +/- 10% for 60HZ will be in the back of case)

2. Instructions: do not use where the environmental temperature 40  ℃, left and right sides and machine should leave enough space in the back, good for heat dissipation. Power tube temperature can reach 100  ℃, use for a long time, please do not touch.


Feature of Product

1. Automatic protection 

2. Auto reply

3. Voltage measurement (measuring range: 1-50V)

4. GSM signal test 

5. Buzzer alarm prompt

6. 0.3A, 2A, 3A currant transformation (Note: P1503T is with time function)


User Manual

1. Plugged in;

2. Will the power switch as to "ON" position, the power supply;

3. The toggle switch to " output according to" the edge;

4. The VOLTAGE regulation knob to the requireed output VOLTAGE value;

5. The left two teminal voltage required for the output value, red for position, black for negative;

6. Normal machine: the positive connection phone positive, negative phones connect the cathodeIntelligent machines: the positive connection phone positive and negative connection phone next to the cathode and negative interface, the cathode connecting two interfaces.

7.Toggle switch to the voltage measurement when the edge, pens and lines to connect the output interface, the digital display shows for you measured voltage (note: the voltage measuring range: 0-50V)

8. GSM signal test: the phone is in a state of emission, lattive beating strength;

9. 300MA, 2A, and 3A current switching device: upward: 3A scale, the bank of China,: 2A scale, the downside:

300MA scale, on table computers, mobile phones and other electronic product maintenance, ma dial 300 for slight leakage phone design.

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