Size=>>35 * 25 * 0.5 cm


1, can withstand high temperatures, can be a good protection of the maintenance desk, not high temperature blown bad, high temperature 500 degrees.

2, heat characteristics: heat accumulation on the mat, blowing welding CPU is also very convenient

3, adhesion characteristics: in the disassembly of mobile phones and welding line when the cable, the cable will not move left and right, you can play a non-slip effect

4, not afraid of glue, such as AB glue, instant glue, etc., the adhesive applied to the mat, and other plastic dry, gently tear down

5, not afraid of corrosion

product description:

This is suitable for disassembling any small electronic product, such as a mobile phone or a portable game handle. You can also use it to open a larger electronic product. Different parts of the classification placed, easy to store Product advantages: ideal welding electronic components or electronic and circuit board repair, such as smart phones, laptops, computers, sports watches, cameras, smart toys, glasses and other products maintenance pad

  • PRENIUM SILICONE - Made of high quality silicone. It resists corrosion and out of shape. Its texture is soft, solid and durable to protect soldering iron tip. It easily cleaned nice with soap and water or even rubbing alcohol in daily use. Non-toxic and odorless.
  • FRAMEWORK - Making your repair work easy with our silicone mat, built-in scale ruler and 200 screw positions, IC chips and 7 small parts, best partner with small magnetic project mat to record the relevant accessories, ideal for soldering electronics assembly or electronics and circuit board repair such as for smart phone, laptop, computer, sports watch, camera, smart toy, eyeglasses etc.
  • INSULATION - Heat resistant, chemical resistant, rugged cut resistant surface, withstand hot air temperature 500°, well protect the maintenance platform, not broken by the high temperature.
  • SLIP RESISTANCE - Both surface and back side are adopting the anti-slip design. It won't slide around on your counter or station, and its attractive design keeps small parts away from sliding, too. The mat and tweezers adopt anti-static design to prevent static damage to electronic components.
  • MULTIFUNCTION - What's more, you also use big pads as pot holders for pots, pans, trays, baked potatoes and more. Exceptional a perfect store thermal styling tools like flat irons and curling irons which damage the top of a counter, dresser or station at home or a salon, sunch as for hot hair care tools, flexible using at office desk for individual hobby, electronics lab, computer maintenance outlets, large-scale electronic products workshops even as writing pads etc.

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Size=>>35 * 25 * 0.5 cmFeatures:1, can withstand high temperatures, can be a good protection o..
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